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    breadboy69 Advanced
    Ok so about the stuff going on with the user Cats or whatever their main account is. I really think stuff like this could be handled a lot better. Rn it just seems like every user that has something to say comes in and takes a go at arguing with whoever is causing the drama this time.

    There's no way that being told by 5+ people you're doing things wrong is going to lead to any meaningful change. If it were me, I would probably just get defensive and angry.

    If the goal is to actually help the person understand what they're doing wrong, it should really be only 1, maybe two, mods or a trusted user to address the person. I think the mods should step in to stop tons of users from coming in and making it worse

    Just thoughts I've had for a while because this always seems to happen whenever there's any drama
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    DarkIsTheCat Advanced
    I sent this to the chat to discuss.

    We normally do handle the situation that way. But we can make a better effort to stick to a guideline when this inevitably happens again (regardless of what user "starts it"). Thank you for your feedback.

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