Update to quiz comments coming soon

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Thread Topic: Update to quiz comments coming soon

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    GTQ Guy Advanced
    I feel like quiz comments don't get enough attention and can be improved. So I'm working on changes that will be finished soon. The new comments will be similar to Youtube/Facebook where replies can be added, like this:

    You can see that names appear similarly to the forums. A thumbs up/down option is added. In the pic above, there's a "sorted by" set to "new", so it's showing newest on top. But the default sorting is "top", and it will be using a ranking system based on the thumbs up/down, a quality score, and number of replies. So the best and most popular comments will be first by default. However, when there are many comments, a few of the newest will always display on top to avoid no one ever seeing them.

    Another change I've made is meant to encourage more randos to participate. If you have no account, it will still show the links/form to comment instead of saying you must get an account first. Like this:

    They can enter a comment, and when they hit submit, this happens:

    Log in & Submit will do just that in a single step. Clicking "Get an account" takes them to the form to sign up, and if they do, they're brought back to where they were with their comment pre-filled and ready to post. So the idea is to make it as easy as possible.

    What I haven't done yet

    I haven't yet started any changes to the level up formula to incorporate the new "scoring" or voting on comments. I haven't made comments appear on user profiles, though I plan to. I haven't worked on anything to notify users about new comments or replies.

    You can expect to see the new comments hopefully by the end of this week, so look out for it!
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    Hiccstrid Senior
    This all sounds awesome, GTQ Guy! I'm looking forward to these changes. :)
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    Stability Junior
    Thanks, GTQ Guy.
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    Jeeshan Hot Shot
    looking forward to it :3 thanks for taking my quiz tho xD and dont mind the result it's bullcrap

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