I'd like to take this moment to thank

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Thread Topic: I'd like to take this moment to thank

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    d_h Senior
    2006-03-19 20:57:48
    On March 19 2006 at 8:57.48 the great web colonist known as the GTQ Guy colonized the site we know as GTQ. Within weeks he started creating a industry know as the quiz making industry in which it turns out that it inspired many commercial businesses to start up. Personality, knowledge tests and many more.

    After a few years of commercial and industrial growth gotoquiz was no longer a colony and became a great city and started forming a residential area known as the forums. Were people could talk with quiz makers, takers and people who just want to hang out in the community. Some would would argue that the residential zone is rather infected with a plague known as cringe but I think we can all agree that the great colonist known as the GTQ guy has left a mark on building this city.

    Thank you GTQ guy.

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