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    Hiccstrid Advanced
    When I go to log in, there have been three different login screens that pop up, and there only ever used to be one.

    This was the old one and it still pops up from time to time.

    This one shows up the most.

    And this one rarely shows up.

    So I was just curious, and was wondering if the different screens pop up for different reasons.
  • cute_Le1F Novice
    I think it depends on where you are on GTQ. Not sure.
  • cute_Le1F Novice
    I've never seen that laat one.
  • cute_Le1F Novice
  • Le1F Experienced
    who u
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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    The first one is what shows up when you click on "Log In" at the top right corner of any forum.

    The second one is the new version on both mobile and desktop- everything sort of "slides" or pops up into a window like that. It came with the recent major update.

    The third is 1.) the mobile version and 2.) likely a graphics error of the second one.

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