Have you noticed?

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Thread Topic: Have you noticed?

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    Moyashi Senior
    "Oh yesterday" xD

    Yes. I did notice this just a bit. But my mind found it unimportant and pushed it to the back of the brain bus.
    So, newbs that may attempt to get with older members, Alice is mine. Hit on her, flirt with her, I'll kill you. ^-^
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    Viktor Junior
  • What do you mean, people date on this site? How can you, when it's online, and forums and quizzes are the olny for of communication?
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    thisismyquiz Experienced
    @silverbluemoon...I dunno, they just....do.
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    Carri04 Hot Shot
    @Silver not really, some of us have exchanged emails, facebooks, have forms of communication on other websites of the sort, or even exchanged cell numbers. There's a certain amount of trust that go into these relationships before anything happens.
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    flibber Experienced
    Oh yetserday xD

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