Okay so.......

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Thread Topic: Okay so.......

  • Chained Heart Newbie
    Gosh I'm going to sound like a freaking teen girl but.... xD
    I have a crush on this cute boy.

    He's actually a pretty popular guy but he's one of those nice populars who are just popular because they're friends with everybody. He's nice and I've worked with him in history class on a project. The thing is I'm not sure if he's bi or not. I know he's dated a couple girls in the past but I'm afraid by asking him it'll ruin the friendship we've built. And whenever I see him and smile my heart just keeps speeding up and my stomach turns into butterflies. God I sound so girly, but it's true! ^^"

    Anyway I'm thinking I'll just try to bring up the subject causally sometime and see how far I can take it and still be cool. I really hope this'll work out!
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    6 6 sick Senior
    Good luck man!
  • Chained Heart Newbie
    Thank you! ^^
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    Go for it dude! :D If he's a good guy then he'll accept you for who you are. I really hope it works out for you both~ :'3
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    Moyashi Advanced
    He'd be dumb not to love you! You're ever so sweet. ^-^ If he says no, then it's his loss.

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