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Thread Topic: help!

  • I need adive to know if a guy likes me!!! Here I'll tell you what he doeas and I want you 2 tell me if he does. So he looks at me in class,throws stuff at me in the other side of the class,asks for random stuff,does crazy stuff when I'm around,he laughs at everything I do,hits me,and he talks to my friends A LOT. So does he?
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    Teresa22 Junior
    Are you sure he's staring at you? It seems either he likes you and maybe is asking your friends what you like or they could just be friends or he might like one of your friends.
  • Well...I know he does stare at me because when I look at him he locks eyes with me for a long time and when I look up he smiles at me
  • ixheartxu Newbie
    does he throw stuff at you like to hurt you or is he just playing around?

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