THREE main people you'd date on here

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Thread Topic: THREE main people you'd date on here

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    OH OH OH OH So you'll take my girlfriend but I'm trash.:P

    Psh, you know you want some of this.*brings yeah*
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    Mikelover111 Junior
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    fufe123 Novice
    *wispers* this one preson name is dragon
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    Brittonio34 Novice
    Lil- page 2, I'm just always on your mind huh? xD jk jk.

    Who is Jack?
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    lilfreakgryl Advanced
    @Brit: xD no idk how your name got up. And Jack is Jack Attack 1995
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    Brittonio34 Novice
    I'm sure, I'm sure.

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    No one
    Not one person

    No crushes...
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    Maybe Hunter
    Ana absolutly
  • Jade Black Junior
    kish & 66sick at 1 point
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    VegeKaka Senior
    AW YEAH @ EMMA. xD
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    barberbob2 Experienced
    do you guys feel the love? Because I dont! :D
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    lilfreakgryl Advanced
    I'll re-new my list, because I found a third person!
    Like I said in my other post, I don't like them in any romantic way or anything, I feel no love, like Ork said xD

    1. Kish
    2. Jack
    3. Timothy

    cause they're all interesting I guess.

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