is he trying to make me jealous?

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Thread Topic: is he trying to make me jealous?

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    cheese1234 Novice
    the guy i like is dating my best friend after a drama that we had. every time i try to look at my best friend, she's always in his arms. and when im trying to talk to her, he's always playing with her hair or giving her kisses on the cheek. is he doing this on purpose? are any other peoples going thru this?
  • Dead_Rozen Novice
    ._. Been all through it...
    Well, I don't think that's good of a friend if she's starting to pounce on your guy..
    If you had an earlier drama, and he is starting to go out with you BEST FRIEND, there is absolutely something there. And if he is really doing that s--- on her while your having a conversation, he is absolutely trying to make you jealous..
    How I get by it? I just act purely disgusted or ignore it, as if I don't care, that'll teach him.

    I must say, if your 'drama's' with him are not along the lines of jealousy, lies, crushes, kisses etc.. than it is most likely he may not be trying to make you jealous.
    Also make sure to see if he does this when your best friend is talking to other people while he's around her, and see if he did this with his past girlfriends ( But only ifdone exactly what he did when his past ex's were talking with other people)

    Hope that is enough advice..
  • Dead_Rozen Novice
    *if done*
    xD whoops

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