this guy bullies me but confesses his love for me owo

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Thread Topic: this guy bullies me but confesses his love for me owo

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    sademogirl Hot Shot
    i don’t understand stories/movies where the girl is getting bullied by a guy (getting called horrible names/public degradation and humiliation/literally getting emotional and physically abused by this person) but like he does one good deed, confesses that he only bullied her bc he loved her, and suddenly she falls head over heels for this guy and bows at his feet

    unless she’s a masochist, i don’t understand the appeal of dating someone who bullied you.

    anyway, is this a good date idea?:
    Cuddled up on a couch with snacks and blankets and watching horror/action movies while it’s raining

    cliche but cute omg
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    Annicetta Advanced
    I mean I live for the cheesy ass RoMaNcE sO yE
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    sademogirl Hot Shot
    like a candle lit dinner and some romance movie Issa big no from me sis

    but whip out some plastic lightsaber and Star Wars and u best believe ima bop him in the head with a smile on my face uwu

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