If you knew your best friend

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Thread Topic: If you knew your best friend

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    Who was going out with them but was cheating on them and you had proof would you tell them?

    Long story short my friend goes to a different university but her boyfriend goes to mine and we have Monday's class together. I see him flirting and heard him ask this blonde girl for social media links.

    Down in the library I saw haim video calling a girl that wasn't my friend as well but also wasn't calling the girl from class.

    When I was friends with him and he would leave his phone on the table because he needed to pee it would go off and they'd receive a bunch of snaps from "brianna flame emoji flame imoji" and stuff like that. He once opened one up when I pretended to be on my phone and it was a snap of a chick i didnt know saying I love you with a bunch of hearts.

    Like I'm not trying to be the one acting all >:V

    But like Mariah (my friend) is not ugly? If anything I think she's dating below her league ??? I don't see anything special about this dude he's just your average white flannel wearing average joe haircut short skinny white guy
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    MyEternalRage Advanced
    tell her, she deserves to know
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    RelevantNerdist Advanced
    White flannel wearing average joe haircut skinny white guy sounds like me
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    I told her i needed to talk on discord so hopefully she responds

    Lmao hopefully you're not an a--hole fam
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    But thank you both for replying I hope she believes me I'll update once it happens💙❤💞
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    Faceless Knight Experienced
    he sounds like a c---
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    He is I hope he gets dumped.

    Sorry 4 the run on sentences and grammar I don't use it when I'm online talking 2 people rip

    Okay but

    The tea was spilled and she was like "okay but do you have proof?" and I was like not physically right now but if you want i can record them in class i have no reason to make this up.

    She just said thanks for telling me I appreciate it and we ended the call.

    Kind of awkward but oh well wish them the best.

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