I need a BF

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Thread Topic: I need a BF

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    floss Novice
    u no you dont actually NEED a boufriend. ur a bit stupid to be fair, Neaonhotpink coz u should go out with someone coz you like them; not fo the status of having one!!!
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    Be careful who you hook up with! You don't really know who these people are. Guys don't like desperate girls. Sorry. I'm a girl though... so... :)
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    I'm a girl, just want to say something, alot of people on here are 13
  • Emily3425 Newbie
    You don't wanna meet a guy on the internet. Don't be desperate. You're only 13. Dating at 13 is so stupid. I almost dated this guy when I was 13, and no I'm 16 and I look back and dating would have been so stupid. I see 13 year olds dating and it kinda just seems like a stupid joke.
  • Emily3425 Newbie
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    Moyashi Advanced
    Seriously dips---s? This thread is two years old. Why bring it up you dumbasses? -__- Stupid noobs.
  • aohringer Newbie
    um why dose it matter if you meet them online you cant do anything if you go meet then they might not be the person they say they are and kill you (it dose sound desprate)

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