soooooo... lets talk about your crush

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Thread Topic: soooooo... lets talk about your crush

  • emilyisrico Novice
    just to get things started ill talk about mine so i like this guy who likes me back and ya we are both weirdos and it is awesome and ya he told me he likes purple cats
  • emilyisrico Novice
    tell me people cmon
  • Perrio17 Newbie
    There's this guy at my school who I like and he likes me back, we're both single and like each other lots (always hanging out, Ect) but I don't know wether to ask him out or wait for him to ask me out, were both really shy! Any ideas?
  • emilyisrico Novice
    ya yall should ask him out but take it slowly yo if all yall are shy
  • emilyisrico Novice
    ha the guy i liked is a total stupid butt so i like someone else who is better and likes me more and loves basketball and lebron like me
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    Cheese4M3 Novice
    This kid!! He is like ugh idk i get amazingly nervous around,like, i cant talk to him we like each other so i try to avoid getting awkward so i avoid him and idk know why i like him i just get insane butterflies even if i could see him in the distance, idk im really weird lol
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    Cheese4M3 Novice
    Bump :P
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    Jorden xD Junior
    He's cute. Funny. Obnoxious. Annoying. But he's really nice. He makes me laugh and I act really weird around him XD We talk a lot but I asked him out and he said no because he doesn't want to data yet. Eh.
  • xXCHILLXx Novice
    There's this boy that I sit next to my class. He's cute and kind. He is also on the basketball team (LOL! which means I get to cheer him on! yay!)
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    coolme3 Senior
    I kinda like this guy I work with who's about to leave his last day is tomorrow D: I flirt with him super hard and sometimes he responds to it the right way and other times he doesn't so I dunno. hope Ill still get to see him after he quits :/

    I wish I had a crush on the guy I just started dating but I don't and that makes me feel guilty like I like him but not like that and we're moving more into boyfriend/girlfriend now not just acquaintances who go on a lot of dates and have a lot of sex..
  • MarchBaby Newbie
    What if you're bisexual? Can you talk about both your crushes??
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    Butterfinger Novice
    I'm posting both.

    Guy: He's really cute, funny, and nice. He flirts A LOT but its adorable. He likes me, but about every girl in my grade likes him..
    Girl: She's really pretty, and sarcastic. She used to self harm, but I'm the reason she stopped. She plays soccer, and is really out go I, once you get to know her.
  • iamhot100 Newbie
    I am really open to anyone as a partner as long as they are loyal and sweet. Of course being hot adds a lot.
    I am crushing on my friends boyfriend. Help! What do I do?
  • emilyisrico Novice
    hey iamhot dont break them up just try to not like him

    march baby if your bi u can post on here im straight but what eves
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    Qurky Kiki Novice

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