Tips on what guys should know about girls!

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Thread Topic: Tips on what guys should know about girls!

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    1: Girls don't always know what they want

    2: Say something sweet, she likes it.

    3: Girl always think that they could look better, so guys should inform them on their beauty.
  • AbantaZayna Newbie
    Sweet! No more sweet,pls. I am already sweeter than honey
  • Real_IS_FAKE Newbie
    For girls; cats are better than dogs, if you think you are fat,yes you are. I am not a prince so you are not a princess. She is hotter than you. Stop going to shoping too much. Shoping is not a game.
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    Not you, yours is kinda adorable :D Just reals is really stereotypical like not every female likes shopping loads and as for the " if you think you are fat , you are" , Ever heard of anorexia? :/ Anyway ignore me XD It wasn't directed at you
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    Donotdisturb Novice
    I am a princess!
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    UnLoving Novice
    Yes we are princesses....

    Just get us chocolate an tell us we're pretty. It's not that complicated ._.
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    bananabread Experienced
    I'd be happy if they just want me in the first place. And after that's happened, take me to see an awesome action movie that I'll later try to fight them with because then I'll think of myself as a kung fu badass.

    Shopping isn't a game to us. It's just fun. Also, not all women like shopping, my mom hates it, an hour is her tolerance level for shopping. Ironically it was my dad who loved to spend hours shopping for cloths, electronics, ect.
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    coolme3 Senior
    A guy I work with likes me and another coworker gave him this advice "get her alone and then whip your d--- out. she'll suck it, I promise."

    XD he didn't take that advice. don't take that advice...

    Treat her like a princess!
    Wine and dine her. and be nice. and say cute stuff. and smile at her. and stuff.
  • Always play it cool on front of them.
    Make them want you before they realize you want them.
    Be her best friend as well.
    Make her jealous... Not too jealous...
    Don't always be available for her or she WILL inevitably take you for granted.
    Have self-confidence and accept the very true heavenly fact that nobody can rock her world better than you!

    ~ me
  • Plus golden sunshine ( so true!)
  • Real_IS_FAKE Newbie
    You are not a princess.
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    Selena112 Hot Shot
    Just treat the other person like she (or he!) is worth your time. Respect them. A good, honest friendship is more important and can prove how well you both can work together.
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    Selena112 Hot Shot
    Also, I have royal lineage. So it's somewhat safe to say that I am a princess. But I'd rather be a jester.

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