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    " hey"
  • irrelevant. dont mind.
    "okay. i'm done."
  • irrelevant. dont mind.
  • irrelevant. dont mind.
    "[s]i'm just trying some things out[/s]"
  • "But it is. Caleb chuckled, walking towards Lucky. Why is that? He asked. Calebs grin got wider, well Pearl said something about you becoming..."
  • Soap
    "Jordan brushed his hair and straighten his clothes. Im nervous. What if her parent dont like me like the first time? Jordan asked his mom, h..."
  • "Lucky walked slowly through the woods, wanting to pass time. Got a new friend I see! A voice heard from out of no where. His voice was deep ..."
  • Soap
    "Good morning Kyle! Jordans mother sighed. Kyle grinned, good morning.. Jordan rolled his eyes, well, Im going to work. Ill see you later mom..."
  • Soap
    "Jordan began to eat his cereal, checking the time after few seconds to make sure he wasnt going to be late. Jordan, eat properly. That is no..."
  • "Its good for the mental abilities, as well as physical. Lucky stated. He laughed, dont worry about it. Youll get friends in no time! He smil..."
  • Soap
    "Jordan rolled his eyes, youre a lazy a** person. He swore, walking out the room. Good morning honey! His mother greeted, kissing his forehea..."
  • "Lucky smiled and nodded his head. You should try it too, it could relieve some of your stress that you have in school. He suggested, nudging..."
  • Golden sunshine
    "Name: Jaydan Westberg Age: 18 Gender: Male Sexuality: Straight Nationality: American Appearance: he has black "
  • "Lucky shook his head, no, I live in another area! But I like to walk around town before going home. He said, smiling. It relaxes me when I s..."
  • "Lucky began to walk home, his head spinning. He looked up from the ground, noticing the girl again. He sped walk until he got close enough b..."

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