Ok this boy in my class.....

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Thread Topic: Ok this boy in my class.....

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    Carrotsrule34 Novice
    ok,i like this boy but he's well you know tell me what to do,thanks!
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    Nialler34 Junior
    Well you know, tell him you like him ._.
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    Cardinalidae Junior
    "But he's well you know"

    No, I don't fucking know.
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    Carrotsrule34 Novice
    I can't i'm embarrased!
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    Moyashi Senior
    You're seeking advice. Take it or leave it.

    I can't help you, cause you don't give me enough information to process and work with.
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    Orange Fusion Novice
    Ask him out. That's it. Very simple. If he rejects you, just move on.
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    ange Junior
    I completely get what you mean. It is awfully embarressing to walk up to someone and confess every single emotion you feel.

    Give him little hints that you like him and see how he responds. Hints you could try:

    -Catch his eye and hold it for a second, before looking shyly down.

    -Give him a compliment (don't come across as too weird. ie, don't tell him his calf muscles are astonishingly sexy... :P) If he's into sport, compliment him on it etc

    -Smile at him

    I'm sure you'll come up with things yourself :)

    Remember, you are beautiful :D Never pretend to be someone you're not! I wish you the best of luck :) xx
  • OmegaWolf Novice
    I am in this situation, so don't worry. I also have some advice for you.

    You could try taking your relationship slower by becoming friends (if you already are, try to become best friends) Then you will be able to decide if you still want him or not.

    The more you bond with him, he maybe able to trust you more, and when he is upset or injured try to get to him first, to comfort him!

    If you are wandering if he likes someone else, when your his friend and she trusts you, He may tell you!

    Don't try to be someone else, be the person you truely are, because if you lie about yourself to this guy, it will make matters worse.

    Good luck :3

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