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    I’m very proud of the blending on this piece, but the pilot oc is not super good, I’ll post my reference in a second.
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    Yes so please give me critique , and any advice if you can.
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    ( the first painting is mine the second pctrue is my reference, and the inspiration.)
    I don’t think they are too similar? Since I’m very good at painting sunsets, acorrding to my teacher, I decided to do that.
    I’m giving it to a friend,

    I have an enoshima painting but I don’t have it at home yet. It’s not a good work.
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    the water is pretty good
    the Pokemon is pretty bad
    background is also pretty amateurish
    you need to look at the Pokemon as a 3D object, not a 2D one
    if you can work on perspective and shading/highlighting you'll get a lot better
    when I looked at your painting, I couldn't even tell what it was, whether it was a creature or an object but I could clearly tell what it was on your reference. I'm not saying yours should look exactly like it but I mean, it should be clear what your subject is
    also gonna have to shame you on your use of black, especially on the tail. that's a big no-no. as you can see, it is wayyyy to harsh against the rest of the painting
    overall, just keep studying and working hard, you can do it eventually
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Ok first of all THANK YOU!
    I understand what you mean, and that’s something I’ll definitely be taking to heart when I start painting again, probably this month , because it seems to be a reoccurring issue I’ve been kind of neglecting.
    I’ve been told that before, but never really quite understood that rule completely, should I have used a blue or a darker shade of the ‘skin’ colour?
    Thanks again for your advice,
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    you don't always have to use a darker shade of the base colour when shading, but that is one way you can do it
    it really depends on like the lighting and the setting
    if you're trying to be more realistic, you can look at the objects and living things around you and study the colours on them
    once you understand the basics and begin developing a style, you can begin to experiment with different colours
    sorry if that isn't very clear, I'm not in any art classes or anything so I might just be talking out of my ass
    definitely something you'll want to look into
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    Hey it’s fine, I get where you’re coming from X3
    Thank you so much for the advice, painting is something I enjoy greatly and learning how to improve makes me happy so thank you.
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    Hey to anyone reading this, what’s the best way to learn how to draw people?
    As in bodies, both Male and female, I’ve heard the drawing from life is the best way to pick up your own style, but id just like to know, what you personally think would be another way to learn to draw people.
    because every character I draw is more or less t-posing for ever

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