Nelly puppet and cat and any one else

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Thread Topic: Nelly puppet and cat and any one else

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    Zankyou315 Novice
    Me:No Promises!!!!
    Me:Hehe sorry
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    katqueen45 Novice
    Kat:*stands up*
    Deidara:*grabs Kat hand*
    Kat:*looks at deidara*
    Deidara:*kisses Kat*
    Kat:*kisses back*

    (They sit there kissing for about half an hour.jk jk,about 3 minutes.)
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    When I'd did this with dogs buddy Carter and Sasori ahd sex in his room )

    Me : oh just go f--- already

    Sasori: come on Carter lets go to the beach
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    Pain : you're gonna f--- on teh beach aren't you

    Sasori : no in a cave

    Me : Duh
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    Pain : serous sly kata me Deidara please dotn do what those four are doing
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    katqueen45 Novice
    Deidara:*stops kissing* *moves back slowly*
    Kat:*stares at deidara*
    Deidara:you taste good
    Kat:*laughs* taste good too. *looks away* *blushes*
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    Zankyou315 Novice
    Itachi:*Grabs Nelly's hand*Lets go Nelly
    Itachi:Wait a sec Nelly
    Itachi:*Makes sure Pain is watching* I love you Nelly *Grabs waist and pulls Nelly close.*
    Me:Itachi what are you do-
    Itachi:*Kisses Nelly*
    Me: I...tachi
    Itachi:*Pulls closer* Be quiet Nelly I'm trying to kiss you...
    Itachi:*Pulls EVEN closer and kisses Nelly even more*
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    Pain : yu better not en about to f--- itachi

    Pain : ok no one can keave the base and no one can duck in teh abse

    Sasori and I sneak out
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    Pain : you two get back here
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    Zankyou315 Novice
    Itachi:*Sticks up middle finger at Pain while still kissing Nelly*
    Me: I..tachi
    Itachi:*Wispers* Shhh Nelly... *Kisses even more*
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    katqueen45 Novice
    Kat and deidara crawl out of window.

    Kat:*lays on deidara*
    Kat:*closes eyes*
    Deidara:*shakes Kat*
    Kat:*eyes widen in alarm* WTF MAN!
    deidara:*smiles* now we're even
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    Sasori and I come back

    Pain: okay you six are grounded
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    Me : can he do that

    Sasori : yes he can he is teh leader um blame itachi

    Me : yeah you did get the rule placed itachi so ddman you
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    katqueen45 Novice
    Im going to do something so stupid right now because it's midnight...)
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    Eat a turkey )

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