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Thread Topic: ANIME!!!

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    kiaba-*glares at you*

    yami-wheres yugi!

    *summons yugi*

    kadaj- mother?


    yazoo- don't cry loz

    cloud-*glaring at sephiroth*

    zack-ok any one have some rope?
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    sakura = punching people and shattering bones and slso i claim tenten and temari and shikamaru
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    *yuffie appears with yami bakora*
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    The Chicken Novice
    So... Am I the only one that has heard of Elfen Lied here?
  • Zankyou315 Novice
    I summon Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Micheles, and Marik Ishtar
    Ciel-Sebatian where are we
    Sebastian-I do not know My Lord
    Marik-I like milk shakes
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    yuffie- MATIRIA RAID! *steals everyones matiria*

    bakora-AND I GET THE WEAPONS! *steals all weapons and cards*

    everyone else-wtf
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    me:us ninja are peacefull beings we don't attack

    deidara: you did yesterday un
  • Zankyou315 Novice
    Pharaoh have you seen The Yugioh abridged series?
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    I saw the first the episodes

    yuffie-*being chased be the ff7 crew*

    bakora-*everyone else is after him*
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    me: shut it Deidara

    deidara: no way un
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    Vincent-*is dragged in by fang and lightning*
  • Zankyou315 Novice
    Hehe cool
    Ciel-*sighs* Sebastian take care of these bafoons
    Sebatian-Yes my lord*Starts fight Cloud*
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    cloud-wtf!*grabs ultima from yuffie and casts*

    zack-kist the dirt!*tackes cover*
  • Zankyou315 Novice
    I summon Moogle
    Moogle-What do ya need Kupo
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    me: watches

    also if i haven't already i dibs kushina i don't care if shes dead

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