For Purrsephone

This is just a quiz to talk about the terrible news of the passing of Purrsephone. I never knew her but I am sure she was a wonderful person, I hope she is at peace now

Let us all think of her family and friends at this difficult time, I send you my condolences. Feel free to comment with messages to Purrsephone and Monica

Created by: MrsMellark

  1. You have probably heard the tragic news from yesterday in the recent Purrsephone update from Toralei
  2. Sadly, Purrsephone passed away yesterday after being in a coma for a while when she fell off her horse, Monica a few weeks back. I do not know the full story so please dont have a go at me if I get some parts wrong.
  3. Her horse, Monica, also sadly had to be put down as her wounds were too bad :(
  4. I cannot imagine the pain her family and friends are going through right now
  5. Lets think of Monica and Purrsephone who are now together at peace
  6. We need to stay strong and help xXCupidXx and Toralei through this
  7. RIP Monica and Purrsephone xx
  8. The rest you can just skip - feel free to comment with messages for Purrsephone
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  12. OK thats all, rip monica and purrsephone. Such a shame you'll mis the jubilee, but I know you will be looking down on us

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