For harrison from Jenny smith

This quiz will tell you everything about me well nearly. If you can guess 100% then you must be s lucky guess I hope . Just wish you lucky day and move on.

Try this try this I like you thanks for searching up my name or what ever anyway TRY THIS there is a lot my information I mean it me M E ok you know now .

Created by: Jenny smith

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  1. Do I have a reading eggs
  2. Do I have an ao bi account
  3. Am I an full Chinese Japanese and english
  4. Which street do I live in
  5. Which shop do I commonly go to
  6. I have 3 little brother and 0 little sister or any elder
  7. Who my Favourite author
  8. What is my Favourite computer game
  9. Who is my favourtie character
  10. Does everybody allowed to play my reading eggs

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