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Are you a fan of FlowJoe, the guy who creates Web comics and Web series on YouTube, DeviantArt and more? Well, why don't you find out how big of a fan you REALLY are by taking the quiz!

The FlowJoe fan quiz will tell you if you are a FlowJoe fan, just a fan of Roommates, or not a fan at all! Take this quiz to see how big of a fan you are!

Created by: TheNamelessOne
  1. What Is Joseph's Full Name?
  2. What was Joseph's username before FlowJoe?
  3. When Did Joseph create his channel?
  4. When was the ORIGINAL pilot episode for Roommates uploaded?
  5. As of writing this in 2024, how old is Roommates?
  6. True or false. The pilot episode of Roommates was animated in the back seat of a moving car with a mouse.
  7. What is Joseph's favorite Christmas song?
  8. What is the name of Joseph's old Podcast he used to host with a few of his friends?
  9. What were the names of the friends Joseph used to host said Podcast with?
  10. What is the name of the live segment Joseph and Gerardo do, showcasing fanart and behind the scenes animation progress?
  11. How many episodes did No Signal have before airing it's final episode?
  12. How many seasons of Roommates are there as of writing this in 2024?
  13. Who is the main title card artist for Roommates?
  14. True or false. Dan is CANONICALLY Bisexual?
  15. True or false. Dan is FANONICALLY Bisexual?
  16. What was one of the main inspirations for Roommates?
  17. Where is Joseph From?
  18. What is Joseph's favorite restaurant?
  19. Panel De Pon? More like:
  20. True or false. Joseph's original design in Roommates had him wearing glasses but Joseph removed them as the character looked to similar with his persona.
  21. This will not effect your score, just for fun. Who is the best Roommates ship?
  22. As of writing this in 2024, how many subscribers does Joseph have on his main channel FlowJoe?
  23. What is Joseph's favorite Mario game?
  24. True or false. Joseph doesn't like animating all that much and hates Roommates now.
  25. What drawing tablet does Joseph use to animate / draw?
  26. I have run out of questions. I have more, but when I actually need to think of something, my mind goes blank, so this is the end of the quiz. (unless I update it.)

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