Flight Rising Trivia

Do you play game if you don't play the game sign up when its open it will open soon hopefully and then you can play the game too and know all the answers?

I don't know what to write in here I don't know and the least you can have is 150 in these and you can't have gibberish or excessive repeating characters.

Created by: eener9lilly

  1. Who is the leader of the water clans?
  2. What is the number on the fairground game higher or lower?
  3. Who the who is pinkertons sister (the dragon that gives you free items daily)?
  4. What three dragons are in the top of the page?
  5. What dragon is at the scrying workshop?
  6. What day does dominance and Coliseum things reset?
  7. What type of dragon is the leader of eener9lillys clan (you might need to search that up on flight rising in search and type in eener9lilly and read this time wasting thing that I am here writing right now)?
  8. What month is the Wavecrest Saturnalia in?
  9. How much clan energy do you need to get 1 diamond a day?
  10. How many things are available at the festive favors each month?
  11. LAST QUESTION how many flights are there in flight rising not including beast clan.

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