FIsh Oh Fish - Questionnaire

Fish, what comes to your mind upon hearing this word? Some weird thing with fins and a tail? Or some animal living in the sea? Well, here's a test that can test you intellectual genius about FISH!

So do you wanna find out your IQ about fish? You could wonder till now but in just a few moments we will see! You could just be the world's greatest fish genius! The proud owner of this prestigious title!

Created by: Looi Yee Tat

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  1. What is a CRAB??
  2. Which is the FISH??
  3. What do fish in a KELONG eat??
  4. What is this?? _N_HO____
  5. What is "ikan bilis" in English???
  6. What is "sotong"?
  7. Can crocodiles be found near KELONGS???? Why?
  8. Are there any sea snakes???
  9. Are sea snakes poisonous???
  10. Which of these are not poisonous???

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