Fish are friends not food

Sorry about the name of the quiz my little sister changed it and i cant change it back but it is about if a guy likes you or not. Guys are hard to understand and I know that so here are some questions do determine what they think of you. Relationships are not based on tested but true feelings.

Remember I am only human and I make mistakes. I am not held responsible for any results that are false. I don't mean to be rude in any way through this quiz but I wanted to speak my mind. Thank you.

Created by: Angel1998
  1. Have you ever talked???
  2. How many times do you talk a day
  3. Have you ever caught him staring at you??
  4. Do he try to annoy you
  5. Does he trust you
  6. Do you like him
  7. Do his friends all of the sudden want to talk to you
  8. Do you think he likes you
  9. When he is with his friends what does he do if you walk by???
  10. Height
  11. Age
  12. Social level
  13. Thanks for taking this quiz I'm sorry if any or all answers are incorrect remember I'm only human and not all guys are the same (no effect)

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