fighter or lover

Ever wonder if you were a lover or fighter well come here and find out. My definition of a fighter is someone who doesn't really care about others and a lover is someone who just can't seem to hurt someone else.

So are you a fighter or a peaceful lover. Well maybe you just fight when you're given a really good reason maybe you're one of the few loving fighters around. They don't like to hurt people but they will if someone gives them a reason to.

Created by: monkeyfeet

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Some1 hits you by accident u...
  2. ur hear dat ur gf/bf cheated on u wit ur bestfriend u...
  3. do u like to fight?
  4. ur gf/bf asks u to quit fighting for good u respond...
  5. ur friend tells u of a fight thats occuring and ur gf/bf walks up u?
  6. wat do u fight for?
  7. if u had to choose ur gf/bf or a win in a really big fight u'd choose?
  8. what does the word K.O mean to u?
  9. if u could get anything u wanted if u were to fight would u do it?
  10. does 200-0 mean anything to u?

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