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There are lots of smart family guy people, but few true FG geniuses. FG genius is, afterall, quite exceptional! Take this elite family guy quiz and you'll do great!! And for those of you who have found out if you are truly a family guy master then take this quiz because you're destiny awaits you!

Are YOU a genius? Do you have the brainpower to qualify for this prestigious family guy title! You can now only wonder and wait. But thanks to this FG quiz, in a few mere minutes you will eventually find out!

Created by: John
  1. Who is Dylan's grandfather
  2. Does Peter have a flare gun somewhere in his house?
  3. When Brian didn't have Stewies money, he shot him in two places then lit him on fire. What were the two places?
  4. Who did Brian start dating in one episode?
  5. Who is Stewie's half brother
  6. Who is Joe and Bonnie Swanson's son ?
  7. Who is Lois Griffin's brother's imaginary wife?
  8. Who is Peter's boss who is dead?
  9. When did Lois Griffin admit she used to be a lesbian
  10. Who are the two people Stewie tried to trick into having sex with him?
  11. What is Peter's REAL full name?
  12. How many times has Brian tried to rape Lois.
  13. Who is Dylan's biological grandmother
  14. When Stewie went to James Woods High what was his fake name?
  15. Who is Carter Pewterschmidt's wife?
  16. Who is Lois Griffin's ancestor
  17. When Brian told Stewie he didn't have his money what's the first thing stewie hit him with?
  18. What is the color of Meg's hat?
  19. What was Peter's catch phrase when he got on a news job?
  20. What's the name of Peter's mom?

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