family guy member

monkey monkey monkey key key key key ha ha ha giggity giggity goooooo mazoo random random random!!!! haa haa haa i love you sooo much go ne yo fine you suck haaa haaa nooo! done ah

bang bang choo choo train come on blank do your thing get it get it now keep on moving. zzzzzzzzzzz gigitty giggity goo peter grifin random random monkey poo loo loo hi como estas hola back

Created by: Faith

  1. what is your favorite color.
  2. are you a boy or girl
  3. what do you do on a rainy afternoon
  4. what type of food do you like
  5. where do you like to go on vacation
  6. what color is your hair/fur
  7. what is your favorite saying
  8. what do you drink when you go to a bar
  9. deal or no deal
  10. what is your favorite animal

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