fallout. new vegas personality. quiz

You may turn out as the brave ncr president.the cruel tyrannical lord of the legion.or the honorable eldet od the brotherhood of steel.its all in how you answer the questions

Do have a decent a ount of knowledge in fallout new Vegas because it will take a moderate amount.i hope i helps you out a little.please reply.thanks for taking my quiz

Created by: qwert 459

  1. Your forces suffer a crushing defeat.what do you do?
  2. If you were to choose any of these weapons .which one would you use?
  3. What is your goal in the Mojave ?
  4. You happen upon a few mercenaries with advanced weaponry.what action do you take?
  5. You are equiping yout troops for battle.what do you arm them with
  6. An unrelated question.won't effect outcome.do you think my questions were well educated.
  7. Unrelated.do you think this was good for my first quiz?
  8. You spot a group of unallied tribals.what do you do
  9. You are victorious in battle.what will you do to your captives
  10. The battle of Hoover dam has come.what are is your battle plan

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