Fairy Tale Trivia

As children, many of us read fairy tales or had them read to us. I have a powerful interest in myths and legends of this sort, which led me to write a novel based on a fairy tale, which led me to create this quiz.

Are you a fairy tale expert? How much fairy tale trivia can you remember? Especially when we are talking about the Grimms versions of the fairy tales and not the Disney ones that softened up the rough edges of the often scary and gruesome old stories. Enjoy!

Created by: Jody Wallace of this site
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  1. Rumpelstiltskin -- Gotta love a story about a rotten little man who gets his comeuppance. The spinning-wheel deficient heroine who called Rumpy for help was the daughter of a:
  2. The Twelve Dancing Princesses -- Hm, I hear that was rewritten into an AWESOME book! In the land below in the Grimms version, there are three forests the princesses travel through to reach the palace of much disco. There were a forest of silver, a forest of gold, and a forest of:
  3. The Three Spinning Fairies -- More spinning? Man. If the king does not kill you for your bad spinning, the spinning wheel itself might put you to sleep for a hundred years. Anyway, in this fairy tale, the three spinning fairies who came to rescue this hapless maiden had some deformations. One had a flat foot, one had a giant thumb, and one had:
  4. King Thrushbeard -- One of my favorite all-time fairy tales! In this story, how to the hero and the heroine hook up?
  5. Cinderella -- A lot has been written about the many, many versions of Cinderella. In the Grimms version, what happened to the wicked stepsisters at the end of the story?
  6. The Fisherman and His Wife -- What kind of fish was the fisherman calling upon to shower riches and fame upon his greedy wife?
  7. The Goose Girl -- The unfortunate heroine of this story received advice from a very unusual source. What was it?
  8. Snow White and Rose Red -- These two gals had an interesting winter, what with the bear and the evil dwarf. Which one of them married to the bear once his curse was lifted?
  9. The Six Swans -- The silent sister who rescued her brothers from the swan curse by weaving six shirts of aster flowers still managed to get on the bad side of her new stepmother. What did the stepmother attempt to accuse the heroine of?
  10. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves -- As I am sure you can guess, the Grimms version bears little resemblance to the Disney version. In this one, how did the queen trick Snow White into eating the apple?
  11. BONUS QUESTION 13! The Blue Light -- In this lesser known story, the King fired an old soldier who had his revenge with the help of a little man summoned by smoking a pipe lit by a magic blue light. Which of the following did he have his genie prototype do?

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