"F-A-I-R-Y" is a complicated TV series-to-be. It's not very popular, or at least not when this test is being made. But my passion is anime, so I animate anyway.

Well, you're at the website, so why not try some "F-A-I-R-Y" trivia? C'mon, it's easy! There's just ten little multiple choice questions. Try it, and see how you score!

Created by: PrincessAirionna565

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  1. Which fairy also has mermaid genes?
  2. True or False: Airionna is the youngest member of the team.
  3. Who is able to take more hits at harder forces than the other members of the team?
  4. Which "extra" fairy has powers of imagination?
  5. Marine : Bow & Arrow :: Airionna : ___________
  6. True or False: Ember is clingy towards Airionna.
  7. Whose fairy attire looks like that of a butler?
  8. Whose power is lightning?
  9. True or False: There is such thing as a garbage fairy.
  10. What is Airionna's motto?

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