EXTREMELY EXTREME Harry Potter Trivia Quiz!

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This is the EXTREMELY EXTREME Harry Potter trivia quiz! This is BEYOND are you a true fan! You have to BE Harry Potter if you know the correct answers! You think you got what it takes?

(This is based on the Harry Potter books. Not movies. Some of these answers may be different in the movies. And you might get upset because you think your answers are correct and then sue me with your million dollar lawyer)

Created by: Mossy_Stone
  1. Who was first sorted in the first book?
  2. How long is Harry’s wand? (Don’t you dare)
  3. What is the spell Ron uses to try to turn his “rat” yellow?
  4. What is Ron’s first opinion of Hermione?
  5. Where does Ron’s oldest brother live?
  6. What is the first LETTER in the first Harry Potter book?
  7. What type of owl is Hedwig?
  8. What is nearly headless nicks full name?
  9. What is Dumbledore’s full name?
  10. What is the first thing on Harry’s list of requirements for Hogwarts (book one)

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