Ever or Never: Which School Are You In?

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The moon has risen and you’re tucked away safely in your bed. The door is barricaded and locked, along with the windows. Your father and mother stand outside along with the other villagers: it’s Kidnapping Night.

But as you snuggle down under your covers, you hear a bang, and a freak as your door is opened. The School Master is here! He stifles your screams as he drags you into the Woods, flailing. You try to cry for help but no-one seems to see or here you…

Created by: ginnyandluna
  1. Read the first two paragraphs above!
  2. Ok, back to the story. As you’re left, stranded in the Woods, you suddenly gasp. In front of you stands a…
  3. You look up, and gasp! In front of you is your future School:
  4. Once you have unpacked, you are told that it is time for you to meet the other School. As you sit down opposite your nemesis school, you eye them warily. But suddenly, the doors are flung open, and sixty Everboys, clad in royal blue and gold, clash swords and battle. Then suddenly, you find something flying into your lap - a rose!
  5. As you arrive back in your dorm room, you suddenly spot a mirror and admire your reflection. (This is what I’m going to ask you about how you WANT to look). Are you ready?
  6. What colour do you WANT your hair to be?
  7. What colour do you WANT your eyes to be?
  8. What name would you WANT to have?
  9. What outfit would you WANT to wear?
  10. You slowly proceed back to your dorm, where your new friends are waiting. As you climb into bed, you dream of your fairy tale. Which is…

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Quiz topic: Ever or Never: Which School am I In?