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Lol, trying to use up writing space lol. >.< Web-sight says i have to write stuff here ug. Anyway, enjoy the quiz, and thanks for taking it :) byeeeeee

I like the shadow dragon the best. Please comment and rate, and thanks for taking this quiz. Do ti do ti doo. Using up space lol >.< .................

Created by: Caspian

  1. What do people first think of you?
  2. Fav colour:
  3. You find a hornet nest, you:
  4. Like dogs?
  5. Meat or veggies?
  6. Are you mature?
  7. Your bored:
  8. You come across a river, do strong to swim or boat across, to deep and wide to jump:
  9. Strong or smart?
  10. Finally, rate this quiz:

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