Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood is a fundamental stage in life and is the basis for all future relationships and learning. Adults who understand young children are very much valuable figures in their community.

Working with young children is often overlooked as just babysitting, but do you think you really know the complexities of this fundamental stage of human development? Take a risk and test your knowledge!

Created by: Connect Early

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  1. What is the age range of Early Childhood?
  2. Who opened society's eyes to "Respect for the child"and the realization that: "...mankind can hope for a solution to its problems, among which the most urgent are those of peace and unity, only by turning its attention and energies to the discovery of the child and to the development of the great potentialities of the human personality in the course of its formation.”
  3. Which parenting style creates children who are able to self-regulate, self-control, are socially/emotionally stable, independent, have high self-esteem and can problem solve efficiently?
  4. Why do children cry?
  5. What are the two senses that develop first in humans?
  6. When do relationships begin?
  7. ____________ is necessary, foundational, long-term, lifetime, not just with one person, cornerstone of social and emotional development, develops relationship, impacts our future social relationships and affects the ability to learn in the classroom.
  8. What percentage of the brain grows in the first 3 years of human life?
  9. What is a human's first language?
  10. What causes child abuse?

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