dream smp trivia

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this quiz will test your knowledge on the dream smp and to see everything you know about the dream smp so good luck and i hope you enjoy the trivia. :D

i hope you know about alot of the characters in the dream smp like fundy, eret, tommy, tubbo, wilbur, techno and dream and everyone else in the dream smp and there might be a few questions about them.

Created by: tyler mee

  1. who are the main people in the dream team
  2. what did jshlatt change the name to
  3. who lost their sanity
  4. what is dreams real name
  5. who were the traitor(s)
  6. who got publicly executed
  7. who executed him
  8. who were the spy(s)
  9. who became the new president
  10. what was wilburs plan
  11. who did jschlatt ban from l'manberg
  12. who started the pet war
  13. who always says LANGUAGE!
  14. what was tommys cow called
  15. what was the most important thing to tommy

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