Does your crush likes you?

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Do you have a crush? Well if you do and want to now if he/she likes you, then this is is the perfect Quiz for you, because you really want to know if he/she likes you.

Hope you enjoy these questions. Have fun with this quiz and make sure your honest with these questions and tell the truth about your crush because theses are really important and you need to be honest and tell the truth about these questions.

Created by: Yamileth1_0starpower

  1. Does he/she always smile at you
  2. Does he/she always talk to you
  3. Have you Holden hands before
  4. Do you think he/she likes you
  5. Do you always talk to him/her
  6. Whats your favorite color
  7. Whats his/her favorite color
  8. Do you like this test?
  9. Do you daydream about him/her?
  10. Does he/she always stare at you?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush likes you?