Does your crush like you (Girls Grade 6-7)

Hi! My quiz is going to find out if your crush likes you or not! Just make sure that you know this is based on my experiences and I'm just a Grade 6! And I found out my crush likes me by just taking quizzes!

This may help you and give you the courage to ask out your crush! (Or not...) And this quiz may not be 100% accurate so please, please, PLEASE keep that in mind and don't get angry with me! That's it, have fun!

Created by: iiMoonCloud
  1. Does he know you exist?
  2. Does he ever look/stare at you?
  3. If he looks/stares at you, what is his reaction if you ever caught him?
  4. At lunch time does he sit with you?
  5. Do his friends act strangely around you?
  6. Are you friends with your crush?
  7. Have you ever hung out with him?
  8. How far have you gone?
  9. If you were assigned to sit at the same table what would he do?
  10. How long have you known him?
  11. Has he ever let you have stuff or borrow stuff?
  12. How much do you have in common with him?
  13. When you're in a group of people where everyone's laughing, does he look at you?
  14. Do you honestly think he likes you?
  15. Is he somehow always near you?
  16. Does he compliment you?
  17. Is he dating anyone?
  18. Does he have a crush? (That is not you)
  19. Is he out of your league?
  20. Have you ever been to his house or has he ever been to your house?
  21. Does he get nervous around you?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you (Girls Grade 6-7)