Does your crush like you back?

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Want know if your crush likes you or not? Do you think they do take this quiz and you'll find out more so see if he/she likes you.Let's find out if you can date you crush.

I hope that you enjoy this i'm using my own experience so you don't have to take this because it is my first time making a quiz like this so have fun.

Created by: Jezelle

  1. Does he/she do mess around with you? (grabbing your things, talking with you about the same thing every day, bugging you)
  2. Does he/she make you laugh?
  3. What's your current relationship status?
  4. Does your crush act different around you?
  5. Do they say their glad you're their friend?
  6. Have you come in any physical contact with your crush? (hand touch, they touch your shoulder, pat on back, soft/hard hit in the arm etc.)
  7. They make sure that your okay when you trip?
  8. Do you walk/drive home together from school/work?( doesn't matter for anything no effect for most)
  9. Are you friends?
  10. Do you at least think they like you?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you back?