Does your crush like you? (big quiz for guys)

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As you have probably noticed, there are barely any quizzes related to crushes... for guys! That's why I'm introducing you this quiz, I put much effort in! I hope you'll enjoy it!

Who is this quiz for? For guys around 13-18 age that don't really know how to move forward/ progress in their relationship with their crush. Or you just don't know how she is feeling towards you. I'm a guy myself and I have a crush on a girl, with whom I'm already friends (but not friend-zoned, iykyk). We still aren't dating - that means I'm still not that qualified to give you my advice. Still, I do have a decent amount of relationship knowledge, as I have been studying psychology for over 2 years (no, I'm not a pro in psychology stuff). Overall I tend to keep contact with girls, making me relatively "well-educated" in all this stuff. Good luck!

Created by: RandomDude
  1. Where have you met her for the first time?
  2. Who did the first step?
  3. How often do you two talk?
  4. Where do you interact with her?
  5. Does she stare at you in the lessons?
  6. Have you ever heard her talking about you with her friends?
  7. Where do you communicate with her? (Similar to 4. question)
  8. Similar to 7. question: Who starts the conversation in online sphere?
  9. As for now, how would you ascribe your relationship with her?
  10. Delve a little deeper: Does she have a crush on someone? Besides you, of course
  11. It's important as well - Is she looking for a relationship?
  12. It's pretty subjective, but how would you rate yourself? I'm sure you are a whole Dwayne Johnson, man!
  13. It should be a first question, as it's really important, but who cares about the order, yeah? What's her social status?
  14. How many people know about your crush?
  15. Does she know you are crushing on her?
  16. For how long have you been crushing on her?
  17. How big is your attraction to her?
  18. What is the most beautiful aspect about your crush?
  19. What about mental attraction? What is one of her best traits?
  20. When she sees you for the first time, what's her reaction?
  21. Now - what happens when she sees you for the last time in a day? (Like at the end of the school day)
  22. How similar are you?
  23. Scenario: You are sitting beside her in a class. What's her behaviour?
  24. Do you have any other interests except of her?
  25. How much does she know about you?
  26. How much do YOU know about her?
  27. Does she remember some small stuff about you? (Your birthday, small things, maybe some secrets)
  28. It's, again, pretty subjective but - what's you social status in class/ school? (e.g. your popularity, awesomeness)
  29. How does she react when you talk to her?
  30. When you joke, what's her reaction?
  31. When you appear to be ill/ abcent on a lesson - her actions?
  32. Do you have a guy in class, who is just a centre of her attention? He's not her crush, but she's just so friendly/ loyal/ nice to him?
  33. Have you ever complimented her?
  34. Has she ever complimented you?
  35. We are slowly getting to an end! Does she mention other guys when talking to you? It would be super, if you could tell, if she's discussing other guys with her friends.
  36. Have you ever tried to invite her somewhere? It doesn't need to be a date
  37. Imagine you finally get your crush's heart! Would you have any difficulties/ problems in a relationship?
  38. Once again, to sum up: How are you acting around her?
  39. Now, finishing question: What are your thoughts about your results?
  40. This won't affect the result, but how'd you rate this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you? (big quiz for guys)