Does Your Crush Like You

Thank you for choosing to take this quiz. That must mean that your having trouble telling if your crush likes you. I have trouble determining if my crush likes me back just like you. So I decided to create a quiz to help people who have the same problem.

In this test there will be questions and you will pick the most truthful answer or the one that is closest. At the end of this test you will get your results. I hope your crush likes you back!

Created by: Olivia
  1. Does he talk to you?
  2. Do you notice him looking at you
  3. Does he change his position when you're sitting by him
  4. Who starts the convo
  5. Has his sister/brother/friends ever told you that he likes you
  6. Have you ever made eye contect then he looks away embarresed
  7. How long have you known him
  8. Do you think he likes you (does not count)
  9. How much do you have in common
  10. Does he look you in the eye when you talk
  11. Does he get nervous when he's next to you and starts figiting

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Quiz topic: Does my Crush Like You