does ur crsuh like you (girls only)

so this is only my second quiz so bear with me . some of these questions seem weird but there really not that weird so yeah have fun with the quiz i hope u like it

by the way is your crush doesn't like you then there not a good person were all beautiful in our own ways and all even in our own ways be yourself and if he doesn't like for that then he sucks because your beautiful

Created by: jesssica

  1. does he ever text you
  2. does he ever hurt you ( like shooting rubber bands at you )
  3. does he ever blush around you
  4. does he ever show of
  5. if you said yes to the last question what was his reaction
  6. does he ever give u stuff
  7. do his friend tease him about you
  8. does he put his phone up around you
  9. do his siblings ever talk to you about him
  10. good luck no matter you answer

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