Does she like you? (Guys only!!)

Do you want to know if that girl you like likes you back? I can't say this quiz is 100% accurate, but I'm a girl so it'll be pretty accurate. But, then again, not all girls are the same. These questions are based off what I do if I like a guy, but it might not be the same for your girl.

Some girls are unreadable and confusing... (but so are guys) so this quiz can help you get an understanding on if she likes you or doesn't like you!!!

Created by: Ali

  1. How does she act around you?
  2. Does she ever twirl her hair around you?
  3. Does she talk to you more than her other friends?
  4. Does she know a lot about you?
  5. Does she look you in the eye when talking to you?
  6. How does she react if she sees you hanging out with another girl?
  7. Do you ever catch her staring at you?
  8. How often do you talk?
  9. Does she try to be close to you?
  10. Do you think she likes you? (won't affect your score)

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