Does she like you?!

There are billions of girls in the world. You only know a small group of them. But who knows, maybe one of the girls that you know likes you, hates you, or loves you.

Now is your chance to find out! Take this quiz, and I guarantee that your result will be true. There must be one girl out there that u really like, or really hate. Find out how see feels about you.

Created by: Bella
  1. How long have you known her?
  2. If you guys have ever talked, how does she act?
  3. How does she act around you?
  4. Do her friends ever giggle and look at her when they see you
  5. Has she ever complimented you?
  6. Does she ever wear perfume around you?
  7. Has she ever asked to be your partner (for a project, something in p.e., etc.)
  8. What does she do when you look at her
  9. Do u like her?
  10. How was this quiz?

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