Does She Like You?

I know that in your mind right now you are probably thinking this is just one of those other tests that are a waste of time... Well not this one. This one was made by me and I live with girls all around me. Trust me I know what I'm talking about!!

Does your crush really like you back?? Well with this great quiz you will now in a matter of minutes. This test is accurate so no need to worry if the test is right.

Created by: alex ramos
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have you ever caught her looking at you??
  2. Are you really that into her??
  3. When she looks at you in a conversation, her face is?
  4. Does she flirt with you??
  5. Does she "accidentally" bump into you in the hall??
  6. Do you ever pass by her and a group of her friends and they look at you then giggle and then look at her??
  7. Does she ever start random conversations??
  8. When you walk by her, does she ignore you or not acknowledge you??
  9. Does she pay a lot of attention to you??
  10. Is she extra nicer to you than most of her friends??
  11. And finally, be honest, do you truly like her??

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