Does Scourge love you? (She cats only. All welcome though.)

HI! I'M ROSEEAR AND WELCOME TO YOUR dream! Here you can find out if Scourge loves you. Be sure to rate! (And comment if you have an account.) fjghjmfhgj


Created by: Rit

  1. Me: Hey! You weren't late after all! Ready to meet Scourge?
  2. (Scourge comes in) Me: Take it away Scourge! Scourge: Okay. Do you like blood?
  3. Scourge: Do you like killing?
  4. Scourge: Do you kill/fight anyone as you please?
  5. Scourge: What would you reinforce your claws with?
  6. Scourge: Are you part of a clan or a rouge?
  7. Scourge: Are you ready to fight anything that is from another clan?
  8. Scourge: How would you react if a cat from your clan betrayed you?
  9. Scourge: Do you like scavenging?
  10. Me: Thanks for that Scourge. Did you like the quiz and will you rate and comment?

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