How well do you know Scourge

Hi I am the captain of the Scourge appreciation club and I made this cuz you know I like Scourge and so dose the rest of the club...but I wanted to do a quiz about Scourge so ya.

I hope you will enjoy my quiz me and my clubs quiz and if you ya know want to be part of the Scourge appreciation club you don’t even have to ask you can just be a part of it.

Created by: CaptainoftheSAC

  1. Okay first question: True or False was Scourge the runt
  2. Next: regular question who is Scourge
  3. Next:true or false Scourge can kill another one of his kind with just his claws
  4. Next: true or false again 😁 Scourge has fear of someone who tried to kill him
  5. Next: back to the old questions what is Scourge’s role
  6. Next: regular question what’s Scourge’s favorite food
  7. Next:true or false Scourge has a friend named Jerry
  8. Next question: regular so is Scourge evil
  9. Next is a: true or false dose Scourge have a large impact on Firestar?
  10. Next is our final question: who looks almost like an identical Scourge just a different color pelt and eyes but the same paw

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Scourge