Does my CRUSH like me back?

Does your CRUSH like you back? Find out by answering 10 questions and you results may help with finding "the one" for you try it out and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer every question honestly so you can get the best result for you if you don't you might get a untrue result and you might think something that's a lie.

Created by: jeez

  1. How often do you and him/her spend time with each other?
  2. Does he/she talk to you about there feelings?
  3. Does he/she start conversations with you and/or talks about interests a lot?
  4. Does his/her mood seem to light up around you?
  5. How often does he/she show interests in your feelings?{example: Try to make you feel better when your down.}
  6. Does he/she look at you different then any other girl/boy?
  7. Do they act different around you alone rather than around his/hers friends?
  8. Does he/she try to impress you often?
  9. How often does he/she hold grudges against you?
  10. Does he/she take your advice?

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