Does He/She/They Like You?

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Do you wonder if James or Tanya or Gregory likes you? Find out if they do by taking my VERY ACCURATE quiz! Why did Shawn send you the flowers? Love, friendship, or wrong address? You might find out!!!

¿Te preguntas si le gustas a James, Tanya o Gregory? ¡Descubre si lo hacen respondiendo mi prueba MUY EXACTA! ¿Por qué te envió Shawn las flores? ¿Amor, amistad o dirección equivocada? Puede que lo descubras!!!

Created by: Claire

  1. Do they talk to you?
  2. When you were younger, or now, have they sent you a personal Valentine’s?
  3. If so, what did it say?
  4. Do they act weird around you? (Like, I don’t know, sorta blushing, or talking fast…)
  5. Do you spend lunches and breaks from school or your job with them?
  6. Do they fill your head with strange facts about stuff?
  7. When you’re together, do they subconsciously lean towards you?
  8. Do they remember every single detail about you? (Not every, but a lot.)
  9. Do they hang with you a lot?
  10. Do they make an effort to start conversations?
  11. Do they like knowing stuff about you?
  12. Have they changed their schedule to be with you?
  13. Also – and this is more unexpected – as therapist and relationship expert Margaret Stone explains, when someone is into you, they tend to angle their bellybutton towards you.
  14. Do they have crushes?
  15. Has anyone heard about them crushing on you?

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