Does he like you or is he just playing?

You want to know if he likes you or not?

This quiz gives you 3 answers: he does, he doesn't, or he's sending mixed signals. If he doesn't, it's ok. Good luck! ^_^

Created by: Diana
  1. Does he smile at you?
  2. Has he ever complemented you?
  3. What does he say when he first sees you?
  4. Does he ever stare at you?
  5. Has he ever:
  6. What are you guys?
  7. He is:
  8. How often do you talk?
  9. Does he ever try to mak you laugh?
  10. Is he ever mean to you?
  11. Does he stand up for you?
  12. How does he react if you are paired for something or bump into each other?
  13. ( last question ) you think he likes you?

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